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Best Modern CV/ Resume Templates South Africa 2018

Best CV Format 2018 South Africa – The look of your CV has a great impact on your changes to get that job you always dreams about.
Here are key factors that you must look on when drafting your CV.

  • 1. Make it as precise as possible
  • 2. Make it clear for the employer to see your years of experience
  • 3. If possible make it a 1 page CV
  • 4. Do not put unnecessary information

Here is a list of best modern CV templates for 2018
Executive CV by Phinem Graphix
professional cv design rustenburg

Grey Professional CV by Phinem Graphix
professional cv design johannesburg

Professional Orange CV by Phinem Graphix
professional cv design pretoria

Green Professional CV by Phinem Graphix
modern cv templates rustenburg

Professional CV by Phinem Graphix
professional cv writting rustenburg

Keep in mind that every time when a vacant is advertised, there are hundreds of people who apply if not thousand, what else besides your qualifications and experience will catch the attention of the employer? Before the employer sees your qualifications and experience, what he/she will see is the format of your CV so try to make it as attractive as possible.

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  1. Good day,

    Please advise how do I get hold of you, if I’m interested in getting my CV and Resume done by you.


    1. Good day!
      Thank you for contacting us. Kindly call us on 0713292835

  2. Good day, I have a CV that I need to be done by you. How do I go about this

    1. Good day. Thank you for contacting us. Yes we can do a customized CV for you. what you need to do is to order for a customized CV though our website then after the order is made send us your old CV to our email the we will write a cv for you.

  3. Hey, I’m a recent graduate with no work experience and I need a CV. How do can I go about getting my CV done by you guys.

    1. Good Day Khanya, You can purchase a 1 page or 2 template or if you want us to customise it for you, please order a customised cv for R200 then we will do it for you.

  4. MokmmmmmMokwena says:

    Good day
    I have a CV that needs to be upgraded professionally, how can you help me?

    1. Good day. We can help you to upgrade your CV. There are 2 options. The first one is to buy a template that you will edit yourself and the second option is to purchased a customised CV for R200 and email us your old CV and proof of purchase then we will write the CV for you.

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